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Everything Coming And Going On Netflix In September

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We're almost done with 2021. Madness! Where has summer gone? Meanwhile, we'll continue binging Netflix. September 2021 is going to be a pretty good month. New Netflix original films like Worth and Kate are coming soon. And new seasons of original TV series — Sex Education and Dear White People are on the calendar too.
Netflix is rolling out a few other exciting originals, as well, but we're more pumped for their studio additions. The streamer has been purging a lot of quality films this year, so it's good to see them adding some back. Cold Mountain, Mars Attacks!, School of Rock, Once Upon a Time in America, and Do the Right Thing are coming. All land on Netflix in September. 

First, check out all the most-anticipated new Netflix additions next month and, then, the full list of everything coming and going on Netflix in September 2021. 

(Editor's note: This list applies to Netflix in the United States only.)